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328-BMW 30r1
alfa6c2300 30r1

1936 - 1950. Before Peter Walker starts to manually coil the first transformers in Huntingdon (which would later become the head office for many decades) he gains initial experience in London`s Sutton Road. On April 2nd 1937 Wireless World reports on the foundation of the company whose facilities would later bombed out by the German Air Force during the Second World War. The cumbersome move to Huntingdon (90 miles north of London) offers the chance for a new start. The manufacture of transformers earnes Peter some money and gives him the freedom to develope better amplifiers for music reproduction

The Italian Alfa 6C2300 as well as the German Mercedes and the BMW328 impressively show the power with which the aspiring automotive industry starts its rebound.

Parallel to Peter Walker`s first steps, Tullio Campagnolo is about to invent bicycle gearing in Italy. Peter and Tullio have in common that both designs endure to this day and form the basis for the latest products of both manufacturer.

1951 - 1970. Peter Walkers description of the electrostatic loudspeaker in Wireless World Magazin attracts great attentions, worldwide. 2 years later, in 1957, half a dozen journalists get the chance to hear the ESL in the London Waldorf Hotel. The QUAD II is still used as an amplifier. Later in 1967 the first 303/33 come to market. Given that in the early 50s the QUAD I (still under the name Acoustical) and a suitable control unit are still in production, those two decades certainly can be referred to as very intensive times for QUAD.

While in England people invent music reproduction according to the laws of physics, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Germany are busy founding the EU. In 1973 the United Kingdom joins the EU as well. Two years after Walker introduced the transistor amplifier, the Americans and Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
Automobiles become more elegant and are expressive symbols of an aspiring population. In England Dr. Alex Moulton invents his “small wheel bicycle” which is still being produced almost unmodified to date- just like the QUAD ESL57.

1971 - 1990. In 1981 sound engineers worldwide are introduced to a long-awaited tool: the QUAD ESL63. The developement has already started 18 years earlier with the introduction of stereo technology. In the late 80`s Peters son Ross assumes control for a short period and brings the QUAD 66 line on the market whose electronics are just what the times require. For the first time QUAD offers a CD player. For sound applications the 510, 520 and 240 series of professional power amplifiers are manufactured. In Switzerland sound engineer Jrg Jecklin invents the electrostatic headphone, called Jecklin FLOAT.

In 1989 “QUAD Musikwiedergabe” is founded in Germany to act as distributor of QUAD products. QUAD Musikwiedergabe also becomes the most important service center for QUAD devices, worldwide.

1991 - 2000. In the mid-90`s the English company is sold to a Chinese investor. The production tools for the classic electrostatic transducers find there way to Germany where QUAD Musikwiedergabe starts manufacturing the actual transducers as well. Electrostatic transducers and electronics are still produced in China under the QUAD brand. QUAD Musikwiedergabe evolves into a company which specializes in the service and manufacture of the classic QUAD electrostats. It`s the time of worldwide changes. Existing economic systems break down and the proven economic systems of the western world gain ground.

Thanks to boundless communication and customers from around the globe small specialized companies start to blossom. Even tiny niche markets can be serviced worldwide.

2000 - until today. By now QUAD Musikwiedergabe has become a contact point for international QUAD friends. In 2005 the company moves into its new house in the Eifel. In 2007 the current version of the ESL57 QA and ESL63 QA are introduced. In collaboration with Jrg Jecklin the production of the legendary Jecklin FLOAT is resumed. The 204 QA power amplifier is introduced. Followed by a range of other usefull units.

People who bear responsibility live consciously, enjoy handmade, elaborate products and rediscover proven things.


Well-known studios and producers of long-playing records such as Philips in the Netherlands and later SONY Clasics in Hamburg discover the ESL63 as tools of the trade.


Feel invited to be part of what they will describe as Heritage in a cupple of decades.