New ideas

QUAD electrostatics are timeless.
Or better say: “Peter Walker (Quad founder) developed his wonderful ESL`s under the law of physics.., means as long as we see no change in physics, QUAD ESL`s will remain timeless”.

The QUAD story started in the UK, more than 80 years ago. QUAD Musikwiedergabe, Germany continues since more than 30 years now. Our customers are individuals and professionals, all of them musiclovers.

In today`s world we see a lot of new digital products which means a change in the way they work in recording studios and also in the way we source our favorite music. A growing number of customers built there music system around there computer instead of using a turntable. New digital formats and high resolution streaming offers a great quality.

QUAD electrostatics remain as the “stable” point in this game. The thin membran. The way the membrane gets moved by static forces, following the music signal in a perfect way. Some say electrostatics are the best speakers ever. This counts even more in todays world which offers more options.

We invite everyone to get in touch with us. Maybe you do have an business idea in mind or maybe you are interested in technical details. Or you like the risc to get infected by the “QUAD-virus” and want to join the boat for longer in a way. Just drop us an email and let us know about your idea.

Getting in touch




Spend old and used QUAD units a second live.

In case you come across an old and used QUAD unit, don`t through it away or leave it on the shelf. There are people out there waiting for a spare part to service there own system. Or young music lovers seeking for a good chance to get a classical QUAD unit. So please return any old, used or broken units back to QUAD Musikwiedergabe, Germany. They try to find a new home for them. Or at least they can use them to repair others. Thanks for your help.