In September, QUADfriends from all over Europe will meet again in the Eifel.

More precisely: The QUADfest, which has become a tradition by now, will take place at the head office of QUAD Musikwiedergabe in Gering on September 2 and 3 (from 10 am to 6 pm).
The sound of electrostatic loudspeakers will convince you that every music lover should have a piece of this “household foil” at home. The membranes of the QUAD Electrostatics have always been made of ultra-thin Mylar. As it is driven by static forces the music is reproduced completely naturally. In an unobtrusive and authentic way. On a round tour through our workshop you will learn, why an innovation that dates back more than 60 years is still cutting-edge.
This year we have prepared an automated demo for our guests. QUAD Electrostatics will play different recordings in loose succession, switching between our classic ESL57 and our current ESL63 QA. This way each visitor has the ch
ance to listen to classical music and jazz in an informal setting and we have more time to show you our manufacture. If you intend to have your QUAD devices checked by us, ask for details or (even better) bring your equipment with you to the QUADfest. We will take the time to discuss the possible restoration steps with you. We at QUAD Musikwiedergabe are repairing not only Electrostatics but every QUAD device from classical and current production.

Float QA
People who don’t like headphones should give a listen to the FLOAT QA. As it doesn’t enclose your ears, you are acoustically connected to the room you’re in and experience yet unknown freedom. Light and natural, but cozy and personal as well. At the QUADfest you can test the FLOAT QA with passive and active power supply units.

Tube Amplifier QUAD 204V QA and QUAD II Refurbished
No news is good news as far as the QUAD II is concerned. This 15 watts per channel tube amp has been a classic for 60 years and refurbished models are still affordable today. If you need more power the new 204V QA is a perfect choice. Built by QUAD Musikwiedergabe it utilizes an ultralinear design as well. What both amps have in common is superior sound quality. You don’t notice the presence of the amplifier at all – there’s only music in the room. And that’s exactly what we built it for. At the QUADfest you can actually have a look at both amps while listening to the music.

Owners of QUAD Electrostatics love their natural music reproduction down to the bass range. Due to their special design a subwoofer is not required. For those rare cases where the music extends even further down or for specific applications QUAD Musikwiedergabe builds a subwoofer as well. To complement a pair of Electrostatics you need two of them. They are controlled by active crossovers and are driven by add amps. We’ll activate them on demand at the QUADfest, so you can experience the pure, natural sound of a church organ..

Dabringhaus 2+2+2
Detmold is the place to be for audiophiles. It not only has a university for sound engineers but is home of Werner Dabringhaus and Raimund Grimm who for more than 40 years have refined music reproduction and enthused us with excellent recordings of mostly classical music. Their work is centered on the life character of the music. Knowing that a concert hall cannot be reproduced in a living room Dabringhaus & Grimm focus on creating an illusion of reality. Dedicated recording techniques and multi-channel reproduction convey to the listener 3-dimensional hearing and tonal balance at large. With a little effort things work out even in the living room. Hear with your own ears how close we can get to a concert hall and enjoy the music at the QUADfest.

When you meet in the Eifel a glass of delicious Riesling from the Mosel is a must. On both days, we will do our best to make your stay at QUAD as pleasant as possible and provide you with savory food and drinks. When the weather is fine we can also sit in the garden.

Rolls Royce & Bentley
Audio technology isn’t the only domain in which English tradition plays an influential role. For decades, English companies have set standards in automotive engineering as well. So it comes as no surprise that the Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club (RREC) is planning to visit us in the Eifel on their annual fall excursion. On Saturday afternoon they will join us with a number of historical and precious vehicles. Certainly a wonderful highlight. Many thanks in advance to the drivers.

One Final Request
Spontaneous attendees are welcome! But if you tell us in advance when and how many of you will come, we will be able to prepare things more easily. Simply send an email to or call us under +49 2654 987977. We can also recommend accommodations, if need be. Many thanks!.

We are looking forward meeting you at the QUADfest in September.

Manfred Stein

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What is the difference between digital formats and what is important when choosing the hardware?
The analogue record survives the CD, connoisseurs have predicted years ago. The real reason for the change in digital sources, however, lies in the new digital formats. Some exceed the sound quality of the CD by far. In addition, the new formats are ideal for streaming music files. Stefan Rotermund from the company Netzwerkschmiede knows all about it. At the QUADfest, he introduces and answers questions on the subject. A pair of QUAD ESL63 in studio arrangement makes the quality audible.


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