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Using the original jig (Peter Walker designed back in the 50`s of last century) to strenghten the membrane, QUAD Musikwiedergabe makes sure the membrane will “swing” for many years to come. Another important issue is the coating of the membrane. Today it is a multilayer construction which benefits in the right conductivity and protect the conductive layer at the same time.   

QUAD Musikwiedergabe not only produce the electrostatic panels but also virtually all parts of the original QUAD ESL`s. Means we can refurbishe any ESL back to new condition. It doesn`t matter in what condition you bring them in. Providing all parts also means there is no need for you to bring in a used pair first. In case you don`t own one you just can place an order for a new made pair.

“At QUAD Musikwiedergabe they know about the ideas behind each QUAD product. When they work on your unit they try to get it back to its original specs. When they replace parts of course they do have nothing against contemporary replacements , offering better quality. But they try to keep the general design untouched in it`s quality and don`t believe too much in modifications.”

You can bring in all original ESL`s and the newer Chinese models and also all ever produced electronic units.

QUAD Musikwiedergabe has a long experience in building the electrostatic panels for the original QUAD ESL. To reach the original specs which “makes” the wonderful natural sound we all love, we carefully produce every single mechanical part of the panels and also use the original mylar material for the membranes.